Easy and Affordable Portable Baptism Pools - that are designed to take a beating as well.


The BaptEZ is an easy and affordable portable baptism pool designed to be easy to assemble, durable under use, and very compact when disassembled. The BaptEZ baptism pool is ideal for any baptistery.

Very Durable. We start with a liner material that is similar to what the military uses for its inflatable boats, giant tents as well as those giant air blimps you see circling around sporting events. This advanced material uses new Rip-Stop technology that prevents ripping and tearing in the unlikely event you get a puncture. And if you consider the number of people who will be getting in and out of your portable BaptEZ pool, you will be grateful for the presence of this highly durable material.

Place It Anywhere. Your BaptEZ is so versatile as a result of its durability, that you can place it on any type of surface: grass, asphalt, concrete, pebbles, brick, sand or any combination. The ground does not to be perfectly flat or level either. Your BaptEZ can easily tolerate being over five inches out of level.

Designed Right. The BaptEZ is also designed based on years of experience with portable pools that are built to support as much as a 100 times the water weight used in a BaptEZ. The key is equal pressure all the way around. So when your portable BaptEZ baptism pool is filled with water, people can lean on the side, sit on the side and climb in and out over the side without any issue or concern.

Ready to Go. The BaptEZ also can be folded and packed into a small 4' long x 1' x 1' box. Making it very easy to transport, store and carry. This is the ideal baptism pool for portable baptistries or churches that are doing missionary work through rural parts of the world. The unit also provides the optional drain plug that allows you to simply unscrew the plug and drain the water out. You can also attach a regular garden hose to direct the draining as you please.

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